Dolcela® Strawberry Whipped Cream 66gr

Dolcela® Strawberry Whipped Cream 66gr
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Product Information

Dolcela strawberry cream, 65g, is a powder for light cream and cake filling, with strawberry and vanillin flavour.


Energy and nutritive value calculated for 100 gr of product
Energy value 1981KJ / 473kcal
Total proteins 9.00 gr
Total carbohydrates 65 gr
Total fat 19.50 gr


Double use:
1. To make light cream: pour 200 ml of previously boiled then chilled milk into a deep bowl. Add the contents of the packet and stir, then whip the mixture for 4-6 minutes with an electric mixer. Add sugar to taste if you like a sweeter cream. You can serve the cream straightaway or chill before serving.

2. To make a cake filling: Prepare the filling following the same instructions as for the light cream, only use 125 ml instead of 200 ml of milk. Use it to fill light or dark sponge cake, and remember to moisten each layer with a couple of tablespoons of milk or fruit syrup before spreading the filling over it. One packet of cream is enough for one layer of cake. When the cake is finished, refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours.

Shelf-life: 12 months
Data source: Podravka d.d.

Product Code 13210
Manufacturer Podravka Dolcela - Croatia
Condition New
Weight 0.140Lb


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